Hinomoto Lanka Japanese Language Center is created to provide Japanese Language Proficiency as well as knowledge of Japanese culture to the Sri Lankan youth who intends to connect with Japan. As it is a must to be fluent in Japanese Language to gain an opportunity in Japan, we conduct our Japanese Language Courses with Native Japanese teachers and qualified Sri Lankan Japanese teachers throughout the whole week.
We are guaranteed to show the correct path to Japan with all the recourses and endless opportunities. Also, we provide you free consultancy and guidance during the course period. We're committed to aid you with all the necessary information and to process visa documents without a burden.

Our Principal Kawai Tatsuya Sensei


  1. Graduated from the Faculty of Economics at Momoyama Gakuin University in1977
  2. Worked at Ako Shiritsu Ako Higashi Junior High School in 1984
  3. Worked at Kakogawa Shiritsu Higashikanki Elementary School in 1986
  4. Worked at Aoi Shiritsu Futaba Junior High School in 1990
  5. Worked at Kakogawa Shiritsu Befu Elementary School in 1994
  6. Worked at Kakogawa Shiritsu Befunishi Elementary School in 2002
  7. Active as a new school opening member
  8. Contributed to improve teacher qualifications as a leading teacher
  9. Practiced announcement at Kinki Special Activities Committee ("School events where children live")
  10. Worked at Kakogawa Shiritsu Shikatanishi Elementary School in 2014
  11. Active in community activities as a unit 12 director
  12. Retirement (Currently 61 years old


The purpose of coming to Sri Lanka is because I wanted to make use of my past teaching experience and enjoy by teaching Japanese culture and Japanese language to Sri Lankan children. I want to increase the number of “I love Japan!”fans while teaching and also want to be “I love Sri Lanka”.Currently, Southeast Asian countries are highly interested in Japanese culture, science and technology, animations, cartoons and games in recent years also has a synergistic effect and the number of young people who want to learn Japanese has increased rapidly. It seems that Japanese classes are also available at local junior high schools and high schools, where the number of Japanese teachers and lack of experience are major issues. So, I would like to learn the sympathy and consciousness of living together as an Asian who lives in Sri Lanka, knows each other's country and people well and exchanges by teaching Japanese language and Japanese culture to Sri Lankans. I think that it will surely lead to “I love Japan” and “I love Sri Lanka”. I want to be a connecting bridge between Japan and Sri Lanka.

Voluntary Japanese Teaching Programme conducted by our Native Japanese Teacher

Currently conducted in,

  • Bandaranayake College
  • Gampaha Hunumulla Maha Vidyalaya

If your school is interested in our Voluntary Japanese Teaching Programme, please contact us for arrangements.

Time Table of our Japanese Language Courses

Courses Conducting

Rs 35,000(Full course)
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 9am-1pm & 1pm-5pm

Rs 35,000(Full course)
Wed 9am-1pm

Rs 35,000(Full course)

Basic Japanese for Kids (Grade 1 - 5)
Rs 1,000 (Per month)

Below OL (Grade 6 - 9)
Rs 1,000 (Per month)
Sun 3pm-5pm

Rs 1,500 (Per month)
Mon 3pm-5pm

Rs 2,000 (Per month)
Sun 3pm-5pm

Japanese E-Learning Sessions can be arranged according to your requirements.